AC ContractorMold spores travel through the air from place to place. Moist air is an excellent vehicle as well as environment for it to thrive in. It is important to make sure the air in our home or office is dry and cold. Keeping the air dry and cold will make it impossible for mold growth. The following paragraphs will provide information on how to keep your property cool without a central air conditioner.

During September, the weather begins to change and cold temperatures creep up. This results to many apartments turning on their heat. This leaves you in a sweaty building on those summer days. Even if you don’t have a central AC system, or can’t turn on your air conditioning system, there are options to cool your home. Here are a few of them.

Window Air Conditioners

Unfortunately, many buildings do not have a window unit or a central HVAC. Well, window units are the easiest and the cheapest air conditioning systems to install. Window AC systems can fit into any window. Some people may consider this as an expert job, but a majority of the homeowners and renters reading this article can do the job for themselves.

On the down side, such units can be quite heavy and loud, making it somewhat hard to install. Also, they normally cool one room only. If you have a bigger apartment, you are definitely going to require more than one window system.

Consider Using Ceiling Fans

The perfect way to circulate some air around your house without an AC unit is a top-notch ceiling fan. But, you first require some cold air to move around. Open the windows and then switch on the fans close to your windows. If the fan is close to the front door, open it and allow some cold air come through. Many buildings have colder air blowing via the hallways.

If you have a home and you are looking for options to cool your house while reducing your air conditioning intake, consider installing a whole room fan. They pull external air through the windows blowing it into the attic. This reduces your equipment’s costs and maintains your house cool during the fall.

Consider Blocking Sunlight

The sun delivers heat to many buildings, but when you are finding ways to cool your humble abode, it becomes an unwelcome resource. You therefore need to block the sunlight in absence of the HVAC. Remember that the south-facing windows always bring in more heat. Ensure that you leave the shades down whenever possible or install solar screens to the panels.

Reduce The Heat-Producing Appliances

While this trick is very easy in nature, many people forget about it. The dryer, stove, oven, dishwasher or even lights brings in extra heat. While we are not recommending that you boycott your home cooking, if you actually want to maintain your apartment cold, try to reduce these heat-producing appliances.

Consider using the microwave. Then try drying your clothes as you cook your dinner. Turn off all the lights in rooms you are not using and be saving on electricity in the meantime. Always maintain these ideas at the back of your mind if you happen to find yourself sweating within your own house or apartment.

Here is the bottom line

There are many ways of cooling your apartment or home without a central HVAC system. Although some of the above tricks may not drop your internal temperature to at least 65 degrees, they all assist lower heat and offer a more relaxing and comfortable setting. Are you feeling pretty tired of having to wait for your property owner install a central air conditioning system? We can help. So if you require a Nate certified and licensed engineer, call the professionals at for immediate expert assistance now.

Maintain Your Property Cool Without a Central Air Conditioner to Avoid Mold Growth