The parish of San Pedro Torre is located in the southeast of the province of Ourense and surrounded by the Natural Park “Baixa Limia-Xures or Peneda-Gerês National Park in Portugal. Bordered on the north by Pontedeva, east Gomesende and Quintela de Leirado, west to Crespos and Monterredondo and south to Portugal. It consists of several villages or population centers.

In the area there are Roman remains. It covers an area of 17.5 km2. In the regional aspect, the concello some place it in O RIVEIRO and most Terras de CELANOVA. The latter town, famous for the monastery of San Rosendo, is the most natural destination shopping parishioners. The site of the parish church dominates the teeming river valleys Deva receives precisely the right the Gorgua, its main tributary, in the parish limit our north. Comenzaremos walk the North. There Entreríos village which is at a height of less than 200 m is based. above sea level. It owes its name to the settlement between the rivers Gorgua, also called Crespos in the last section, and Deva which initially also called Rio Grande. The latter was born in Arrotea 1,000 m. altitude at the foot of the Sierra de Penagache. In Entreríos both bind, excellent trout, and are renamed Deva ending a few kilometers. further down the mighty Miño, on the last leg is crossed by a newly built bridge linking the municipalities of Cortegada and Pontedeva.


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