There are many festivals celebrated in the municipality of Arnoia, throughout the year. But there is one that has plenty of call and is the “Pepper Festival”. It had its first edition in 1980. The Arnoia peppers are known throughout Galicia and are part of many recipes of Galician cuisine. Today the production and marketing of pepper in this region is very important for the local economy. The fame of this gastronomic festival grows every year, and this means they have to have a very special space to celebrate the feast: the mall gives Queixeira. In this place the peppers cooked in different ways, for visitors who come every year to the appointment promptly consumed.

After twenty years of uninterrupted celebration, the city of Arnoia consolidates the “Festa do Pemento” as one of the important events of exaltation of a gastronomic product in the calendar of festivals in Galicia. The Mayor of Arnoia, Rogelio Martinez, expected to be several thousand people this year who pass through the town to taste the typical product.  Arnoia peppers, with Padron, are the quintessential Galician peppers.

They are “capsicum annuum” but the varieties and flavors are different. Arnoia peppers are clear and large green. Its taste is exquisite and smooth, without spicy copies. For their size, they can accompany, peeled roasted or fried, to any dish, stuffed with various mixtures allowed. To be well need the mild climate enjoyed by the banks of the Arnoia river that crosses the municipality.  The peppers will be prepared in many different ways: These include fillings, roasted and fried, accompanied by the best wine of O Ribeiro. They may also be consumed in strips, tortillas, etc … up to 12,000 kilos of peppers. Folk music will be the star of the party exaltation of Arnoia pepper.


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