Within the scope of globalization in which we are immersed, each time coming out is more important.

With the composition of this page all I seek is the satisfaction that comes from advertising on the Internet field a brief description of a PUEBLECTO ORENSANO in which I was born and which I am very proud.

I dedicate this to my whole family, neighbors and friends. I would also like this work that has taken me several hours, serve to publicize this small town. I have resorted to query data from the National Library of Madrid, city in which I live today, as well as the Diocesan Library of Orense.

A special memory for all those born in SAN PEDRO DA TORRE, that nowadays for various reasons, are walking in the world of God, but always remember with affection our beloved “land”.

Infinite thanks to my parents and grandparents, who are in heaven, for having inculcated moral principles to which I have tried to be faithful and have conveyed with the help of my wife, our children and grandchildren

A big hug for everyone.


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