In today’s span of globalization wherein we are so consumed, becoming known is more crucial every time.

By creating this content I’m all I want is the fulfillment that comes from publishing online a small narrative of PUEBLECTO ORENSANO where I’m so proudly from.

This I dedicate to my family as well as my friends and neighbors. I would also like my efforts to be means of  exposing this beautiful small town. To accomplish this task I have depended on the information available at the National Library of Madrid, located where I currently reside, as well as the Diocesan Library of Orense.

In memory of everyone who has been born in SAN PEDRO DA TORRE, in which today for some reasons walk in the world of God but have not forgotten our much-loved land.

I am grateful to my grandparents but specially to my parent for teaching me the moral principles which I live by nowadays and try to convey with so much effort with the assistance of my grandchildren, children and wife.

Yours truly.


This blog was previously built very differently, the above posted content was along the lines of what was posted before. Nonetheless, the following few sentences were developed with the motive of rendering some significance to the blog’s present format.

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